Bonnell     Pocket     Special Springs

These are the most famous springs worldwide.

They are used in mattress manufacturing for decades and are famous for their durability and their high quality in combination with their low cost.

Dimstel is the only company in Greece and among the first in Europe that launched for the first time these particular springs with different zones of firmness.

This specific comparative advantage ensures better support of the spine in relation to comparable products in the market.

Bonnell Springs

They are equivalent to the most advanced spring technology in the world.

During their manufacture, they are placed in independent pockets covered with the finest quality fabric ensuring undisturbed sleep and perfect support of the body from head to toe.

The result is to maintain the correct and aligned position of the spine.

Pocket Springs

A unique design of independent springs that is a world innovation!

Special springs are synonymous with the comfort and support required by the human body.

They are specially designed to offer a unique sense of luxury combined with the right support of the spine. As soon as you lie down, their unique design and the different types of firmness used for the creation of the different zones support your body ideally in every part.

This particular type of springs is the most advanced available in the world market with unique advantage the unimaginable comfort and softness from the first touch.

Special Springs